Faith in Tribulation

Faith which presses onwards and leads to sight does not wait for sight in order that it may believe. It believes in the midst of tribulation and persecution. Yes! in the midst of these things; not when their edge has been blunted, because a means of enduring them has been found, or because happiness has been once more restored. In the peace of God there is sighing and murmuring and weakness. “These words turn and rend those babblers who desire all Christians to be strong and none weak. Christians are full of longing; and they cry in their misery: Abba, Father! To human reason this is a poor meaningless little word. But Paul says, where that cry is heard, there are the children of God. We need not always be strong; for did not God permit His Son to be submerged in the misery of the Cross? And will He treat the members of Christ otherwise?” (Luther)

– Karl Barth, Epistle to the Romans, 154-5

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